7 Easy Ways to Reclaim Your Personal Power

Are you leaking personal power?
Do you ever catch yourself looking outside for answers and advice? To guides and gurus, self-help books, or people you admire and look up to? With so much wisdom and inspiration out there, it’s easy to do. But, be careful. This is one of the most overlooked ways we lose personal power.

There’s a fine line between learning from others and giving up your power and belief in yourself. When you give more credence to external sources than your own internal wisdom, you give your power away.

This often starts off slowly, so we don’t even realize that we’re doing it. As time goes on, however, this leakage builds up. Our personal power drains and our self-confidence begins to deteriorate. For many people, this goes on for YEARS.

So, what can you do?

  • Remind yourself on a daily basis that YOU have the ultimate decision making guide within you. No one else, no matter how wise or experienced they may be, has authority over your intuition.
  • Think of times in the past when your intuition or instincts were right and use this to build up confidence in your own decision making. Even better, make a list of all the times your intuition steered you in the right direction and refer back to it frequently.
  • Recall times when you ignored your intuition and listened to well-meaning advice instead. What happened? What did it feel like? Try to remember how your intuition communicated with you and use this as a guide to recognize it in the future, especially when you have misgivings about advice you receive or start relying too much on outside opinions.
  • Learn how to quiet your mind so you can tune in to the wisdom of your intuition. Meditation is ideal, but there are many different ways to silence your thoughts. Discover what works best for you, which will be different depending on the situation, how you are feeling, etc.
  • Pay attention to how often you rely on the advice of others. Are you looking outside for advice and answers more frequently than you realize? To keep an accurate perspective on things, start keeping track. Write it down if it helps. The key is to start paying attention to your behavior.
  • Notice when something within you raises a red flag. It could be a feeling in your gut or other part of your body, a feeling, a hunch, a dream, or some other sensation depending on how your intuition communicates with you. Something doesn’t feel right? Write it down and keep track of it in your journal.
  • Learn from others and keep an open mind. But, after weighing outside views, opinions, and advice, at the end of the day, remember that only YOU ultimately know what is best for you.

When you recognize that your greatest source of wisdom and guidance comes from within, not from external sources, you reclaim your personal power. You become your own guru, your own guide, your own best advisor.

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