How to Use Art to Tap Into Your Intuition (+ fun doodle exercise)

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  • May 28, 2014
Art and Intuition
Feeling stuck or creatively blocked? This fun little exercise can help you tap your inner wisdom and get those creative juices flowing.

Having trouble tapping into your intuition? Then make something! Doodle, snap some photos, play music, paint. It doesn’t matter what the medium is, so long as it is done in the spirit of freedom and spontaneity.

Sometimes referred to as intuitive art, this type of spontaneous expression helps you connect to deeper parts of yourself and the realm of intuition, inspiration, and infinite possibilities. It’s also super fun. :-)

The link between intuition and creativity

Creativity and intuition are interdependent and intricately linked. Both flow through the same channels which connect you to something greater than yourself and beyond the realms of rational thought. The source of all inspiration, radical insights, and innovation.

Whenever you engage in creative activity you are strengthening your intuitive muscles — and vice versa.

As you develop your intuition, you enhance your creativity as well.

The key is to clear up the channels through which intuition and creativity flow. In doing so, solutions, inspiration, and ideas will come to you much more easily.

Clearing up your intuitive channels

Have you ever noticed that while you’re out walking, washing the dishes, meditating, exercising, or doing some kind of physical activity, ideas and solutions spontaneously pop up?

This is because your intuitive channels open up while you are fully engaged in the moment.

Your mind, your fears, and emotions momentarily get out of the way, allowing you to hear the messages from your intuition — messages that your intuition is always sending you, but that usually get drowned out by all the other noise inside your head.

Engaging in creative activities – whether it’s painting, snapping photos, cooking, playing music, or doodling – has the same effect.

The key is to be fully immersed in the moment.

Exercise to open up creative flow

To help ease you into this process, here’s a simple exercise you can do:

– Close your eyes and take five long, deep breaths.

– With your eyes still closed, say to yourself:

  • “Creativity flows freely through me.”
  • “I allow my intuition to guide me.”
  • “There are no mistakes…”

– Next, get a piece of scrap paper and a pen. *You can use anything you want to draw on, but a piece of scrap paper works best, as it is something that you aren’t attached to. This way, you will be more free and open when scribbling on it.

– Optional: Set a timer for 5-10 minutes.

– Pick up the pen and make a mark on the page. It can be anything. A circle, a squiggle, a line, a big blob. Whatever you feel like, just make a mark.

– Repeat to yourself again: “I allow my intuition to guide me… There are no mistakes.”

– Now, starting from the mark you just made, begin doodling. Don’t worry about what comes out. It can be anything. Just start scribbling whatever you feel like. Whatever wants to come out, let it out. Let it flow.

– Without judgment or thinking about what the final outcome will be, let the marks you make on the page flow naturally and effortlessly. A mark here, a squiggle there. Just let it all flow out onto the page.

– Do this for a few minutes, letting yourself get lost in the process.

– Whenever you start to feel yourself tensing up, repeat the phrases: “There are no mistakes… Creativity flows freely through me…”

– When the time is up, take a moment to review what you just created. What do you see? How does it make you feel? Is there something that speaks to you in there? Or do you perhaps see nothing? Because that’s totally fine, too.

– If you feel like it, set the timer and go through the exercise again.

  • Don’t analyze or try to control what comes out. Just let the pen move instinctively on the page.
  • Don’t think about what the outcome will be or plan what your creation will look like.
  • If it helps, make the marks quickly, so that your movements are more automatic and spontaneous.
  • If you feel like being slower and more deliberate, that’s fine, too. Just try to let it come out smoothly, without over thinking.
  • If you find yourself stopping or getting stuck, repeat to yourself: “There are no mistakes… There are no mistakes… There are NO mistakes…”
  • Listen to music while doing the exercise. Choose the music intuitively. Don’t think too much about your choice, just put on whatever you feel drawn to.

You can adapt this exercise to any medium of your choice — writing, painting, playing music. Choose something you enjoy. Or choose something that you don’t usually do. Let yourself be intuitively guided to whatever feels right for you.

There are no wrong choices.

There are no wrong words, marks, or sounds. It is all just a matter of PLAY… playing spontaneously and letting whatever wants to bubble up and come out, come out.

The purpose of the exercise is to let go and loosen up. To give yourself a point of focus in which to lose yourself and begin to open up your intuitive and creative channels.

You may experience immediate results and intuitive insights, or you may just find it a relaxing exercise. It could also help you to be me more open and receptive to guidance that you will receive later.

Try not to worry too much about all of this.

For now, the goal is to simply let go and have fun!

Remember… We are all artists

Just as we all have intuition, we all have creative abilities. This is why children get so much delight out of art. When they have a pen in their hand (or anything to make a mark with), they just go for it and have fun.

We are born to create. However, over time, most of us lose our openness and playfulness when it comes to creating. At least when you throw the word “art” in there. But, rest assured – you are full of creativity! Why not unleash it and tap into your intuition at the same time? :-)

Helpful resources

If you want to take things further and get past the fear, self-judgment, limiting beliefs, and insecurities that stifle the flow of creativity and intuition, here are some free tools, online courses, and resources that can help you on your journey.

Total Alignment

Dirty Footprints Studio offers a free online workshop designed to align your body-mind-heart with your creative source. Created by the studio’s founder, Connie Hozvicka, it’s intended for all skill levels and is a great way to begin clearing up your creative and intuitive channels and overcoming creative blocks.

Louise Gale

Louise Gale offers tips, videos, and inspiration on her blog and via online courses specifically designed to help engage creative flow. She currently offers a free online mandala mini course that provides a great introduction on how to utilize mandalas (sacred circles) as a pathway to the self.

Creative Freedom Workshop

Energy healer Laurie Lamson runs workshops designed to help people overcome creative blocks and empower their inner artist. Her unique methodology, based on quantum science, helps participants to discover their own unique voice and style, plus overcome the subconscious beliefs that keep them from fully expressing their creativity in the world.

The Darling Tree

Created by the amazingly talented Jo Klima, The Darling Tree provides simple ways to integrate creativity into your daily life, as well as tools to help you tap into your artistic and intuitive self. The website, designed by Jo herself, is gorgeous. That alone is enough to get your creative juices flowing!

Creative Dream Incubator

Andrea Schroeder has been studying the intersection of creativity and spirituality for 20 years and offers a free art journaling course, coloring books, and all kinds of other fabulous, free stuff that help open your intuitive channels through creative expression.

Flora Bowley

Flora Bowley offers an incredible five week online painting course that provides encouraging step-by-step guidance to help you let go of fear, embrace intuition, and open up to a new world of creative possibilities. The course takes a refreshing approach to painting that celebrates intuition and the connection between body, mind, and spirit for a heart opening, transformational experience.

Now, go and have some fun! :-)

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