Intuition Inspiration: Getting creative with Louise Gale

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  • September 24, 2014
Louise Gale
One of our favorite ways of tuning in to our intuition is through creative play. Anything from painting to playing music, cooking to doodling. Someone who has mastered this fusion of art and intuition is Louise Gale, the artist and designer behind Flower of Life Studio. 

We recently participated in one of Louise’s workshops and loved it so much that we decided to ask her to share some of her insights on the creative process and intuition.

From a windowless office job in New York to a seaside studio in Spain…

Originally from the UK, Louise spent 8 years living in the US, just outside of New York City, where she worked in a windowless corporate job. One day she decided to listen to that little voice that was urging her to head in a different direction. One that offered more creativity and freedom. So, she packed up and set off… She now lives on the coast of southern Spain where she spends her days painting, running creative workshops, and helping others develop their creativity and intuition.

What role does intuition play in the creative process?

Louise: I like to think of the creative process as a tool to help us let go and give ourselves permission to play. When we find ourselves in the state of allowing and play, we are letting go of our expectation of the finished result, letting go of any pressure we put on ourselves to perform or create the ‘perfect painting’, let’s say.

Being in the creative zone heightens our energy and vibration and essentially our sense of intuition.

What advice would you give to people who feel that they are not “artists” or creatively blocked?

Louise: I believe we are all creative. Perhaps something or someone in our life so far has said or done something to make us believe otherwise, usually a teacher, a parent or someone we looked up to. So it may be about finding the courage to tap back into our creative selves and trying to let go of any pre-conceived ideas or experiences we have had before.

As mentioned, approaching art making as play is a huge vehicle to unblocking any negative energiesAlso going outside, observing nature and taking photos of things that inspire will help spark some creative flow again.

How do you help other people to tap in to their intuition?

Louise: I am a strong believer in living in the present moment, listening to our inner guide and using the creative process as a tool to journey through this adventure called life.

The courses I design and host are full of meditations, mixed media techniques and inspiration, so wherever you are on your creative journey, there is an opportunity to explore and spend time listening to that inner guide. 

When we slow down and enter that creative zone, we essentially tap into ourselves and of course, our intuition.

You can learn more about Louise on her website or on Facebook.

Note: The course we participated in was Louise’s Mixed Media Mandalas (online course). We LOVE mandalas and mandala making and highly recommend it. ;-) If you’re curious, you can learn more about mandalas here.


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