Intuition Journal App Now Featuring Becky Walsh

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  • March 31, 2014

We are super excited to have intuition expert Becky Walsh featured in the latest release of Intuition Journal. The author of ‘You DO Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’, Becky is a powerhouse of information and insights that help put you back in control of your own life.

Becky Walsh has been turning the world of self-development on its head for years with her fabulous down-to-earth and uniquely funny style. Effortlessly blending her unique humour with groundbreaking, smack-on-the-forehead insights, she helps put you back in control of your own life – while having fun at the same time!

For me, the purpose of life is to choose love over fear and to keep on choosing love over fear. – Becky Walsh

beckywalsh-book-HH-smBecky is the author of ‘You DO Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’, a revolutionary book published by Hay House which turns to neuroscience, psychology and spiritual teaching to put all of the pieces together. Becky explains to the reader in simple, practical terms that there are in fact two forms of intuition – one which is based in fear-based thinking and one of a love-filled feeling which can free us from our ego judgement, transform our lives and ultimately change the world.

A switch from thinking to knowing equals a shift in consciousness that everybody needs, something Becky is passionate about sharing.

Becky is a prolific writer and has three other published books and five e-books. She is also a sought after speaker and has appeared at the world renowned seminar ‘I Can Do It’.

Becky isn’t shy of the media, having hosted her own award winning show on LBC 97.3 radio in London as well as a show on Hay House Radio where she reaches an audience of two million listeners worldwide.  Becky is also an interviewer for the Hay House world summit 2014 and a regular radio pundit for over 70 stations worldwide. She also delivers commentary and analysis in the national and trade press, including The Sunday Times, Psychologies magazine, and is a blogger for the Huffington Post. She has addressed gatherings all over the world including: Hong Kong, Pakistan, Chile and USA.

Becky shares her wisdom on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Soundcloud.

To learn more about Becky, visit:


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