Simple breathing technique to tune in to your intuition

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  • July 30, 2014
simple breathing technique to tap in to your intuition
Focusing on the breath quiets the mind and makes it easier to tune in to your intuition. It doesn’t need to be difficult. Here’s a super quick and easy technique that you can do anytime, anywhere!

Simple, but powerful…

Focusing on your breath is one of the best, not to mention easiest, ways to clear your mind, be present in the moment, and develop self awareness – all of which enhance your intuitive abilities.

Best of all, focusing on your breath is something that you can do no matter where you are. Whether you’re standing in the aisle of the grocery store or in the boardroom, it’s always possible to shift your attention to your breathing. It doesn’t need to be for long. Just do whatever you can manage in the moment. Even just a few seconds can make a huge difference.

How to do it:

Here’s a basic breathing technique you can try.

  • Focus your attention on the inhalation and exhalation of your breath.
  • Follow your breath as you inhale through your nose, then exhale through your nose. Slowly breathe in… and then exhale out… in… and then out. Follow this rhythmic pattern. Close your eyes if you can.
  • Relax your body with each inhalation and exhalation.
  • If your mind wanders, gently bring your awareness back to your breathing. In… out… in… out…
  • Notice what impressions, thoughts, or feelings come up. Do you get a physical sensation in your body? Do thoughts pop up? Do you see an image? Hear something?
  • Write down whatever comes up. (If you have an intuition journal, write your notes down there so you can refer back to it later and keep everything in one place.)

And… that’s it! :-)

As with all things, this gets easier with practice.

Pay attention to your breath throughout the day or set reminders to check in on your breathing until it becomes second nature.

Remember, the more you can quiet the background noise of the mind, the easier it will become to notice the subtle cues of your intuition. And it is ALWAYS communicating with you. You just need to tune in and hear the whispers. ;-)

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