Bedtime practice to tap your inner wisdom

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  • May 1, 2014
Bedtime Practice: tapin your inner wisdom while you sleep
Yes, you already know how important a good night’s sleep is. But it’s not just about keeping your body healthy and your mind strong. Those hours of shuteye are also some of the best times to access the hidden wisdom of the soul.

Like a portal to another dimension, your dreams (whether you remember them or not) provide direct access to an expansive realm of knowledge while you sleep. In this hidden realm, all of the answers and information you seek exist. All you have to do is learn how to access it.

Here’s a fun and simple technique you can try the next time you’re ready to hit the hay.

Bedtime Practice

– Right before you go to bed at night, think of an issue that you would like guidance or information on.

– Ask a question about this topic and write it down in your journal. *We recommend using the Intuition Journal app so you can add tags and keep things organized, plus take voice notes. But, of course, you can use whatever works best for you. A napkin, piece of paper, journal – anything will do! :-)

– When asking your question, imagine that you are talking to your higher self, your heart, angels, or whatever you want to call it. The main thing is to frame a question regarding the issue and actually ask the question.

– Keep your journal (or whatever you used to write the question on) next to your bed.

– When you wake up in the morning, immediately write down any dreams you had. Do this before you get out of bed, while things are still fresh in your mind. Otherwise, as we all know, those memories can fade away FAST!

– Even if you don’t recall having any dreams, write in your journal anyway. Read the question you wrote the night before, then write down whatever comes to mind. How do you feel? What pops to mind when you read the question? Just write freely, without thinking about things too much or censoring what you write.

*Note: If using the Intuition Journal app, you can also record a voice note which will get transcribed to text. This is especially useful when you’re still half asleep! 

Remember, even if things don’t make sense in the moment, write down whatever comes to mind. This will be useful for future reference. Oftentimes, it will all make more sense later. Be patient and see what ideas, insights, or patterns emerge.

If nothing comes to you or you can’t remember your dreams, don’t give up! Stick with it and be easy on yourself. Try not to be frustrated and just keep continuing with the practice. Eventually, something will begin to shift.

Want more guidance?

Dr. Judith Orloff talks about the power of dreams in her book Second Sight, which is an excellent resource for anyone interested in tapping into the power of dreams. In Second Sight, Dr. Orloff  shares real-life stories of both her patients and herself, as well as tips and detailed advice about about learning how to recall your dreams (even for those who say they can never remember them) and figure out what they all mean.

The book is a fascinating read and highly recommended.

Happy dreaming!

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